• Philip Anthony Carr

Understanding Trauma.

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

What is trauma...?

Trauma can be experienced as "Too much, Too soon, Too fast; In single event trauma, like an accident or an injury the mind and body work together to process the trauma through the fight, flight , freeze responses, However if the threat orienting response is not completed due to overwhelm then the energy allocated to the response can remain active and undischarged.

This can dis-regulate the ANS (autonomic nervous system) and lead to symptoms such as physical, emotional, relational problems such as, chronic anxiety, depression

addictions, eating disorders, compulsive or destructive behaviour,

dissociation, lack of enthusiasm for life, aliveness, withdrawal from the world and others, feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm, sexual problems and a clear link to problems with attention span, applying oneself to tasks and accessing potential.

Developmental trauma can present with similar physical and emotional symptoms, However, this type of trauma is experienced as deficiencies in childhood development that accrue over time and can be accompanied by single event traumatic experiences that lead to "complex trauma"manifesting in both positive and negative identifications that coupled with compromised resources such as connection, attunement, trust, autonomy and love/sexuality can compromise a persons ability to function and be present to both themselves and others.

"In connection there is healing"

Its not all doom and gloom, in connection we can develop those missing resources, we can address the nervous system dis-regulation and complete the threat response cycle, discharging the residual energies and re-connecting to our core resources, we can explore the negative identifications that accompanied our survival strategies such as "I'm bad" or "I will never be good enough" or "it's not ok to be me" and we can, through mindful awareness re-connect with our bodies and begin to grow and experience ourselves as alive and open and available to both ourselves and others.

"in connection we are fully alive"

In connection we find ourselves, how do we connect..? how do we disconnect...?

Can we track our connection style and pay attention to our capacity for attunement and trust and how autonomous am I...?

How do I attach and am I available to myself and others...?

All really powerful questions and waypoints on the journey of self awareness that is constituted with effort, self care, enquiry and courage.

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