• Philip Anthony Carr

Look for the calm within yourself

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

How do we connect with ourselves and others...our greatest fear and our greatest desire...!

Do you struggle to listen to your body, do you find self care difficult, what is your relationship to time and are you fearful of it. These are all questions that can be helpful to explore, the answers can be found within ourselves.

Our capacity to connect with ourselves and others is developed very early in life and if a healthy process is integrated into our minds and bodies this can enrich and deepen our relationships so that we can flourish and experience are true potential for aliveness and vitality.

A deficiency in these capacities for connection and self regulation can really undermine our ability to connect and function within the world. We can find close connection threatening and feel a desire to isolate or create distance from both ourselves and others through lots of different strategies and processes.

Finding a calm positive space within ourselves can be difficult, however it can be a therapeutic first step in noticing ourselves differently and engaging with our body in a new revealing way. Tracking our internal states can really shed light on both our thinking process and our bodily sensations, feelings and emotions.

A simple mindfulness exercise in grounding through a body scan, focusing on each area of our body from the toes to the head and really efforting to notice our thoughts and sensations can be helpful in orienting us to the moment and locating us within our energetic boundaries, from this perspective we can locate an image or feeling that brings a sense of safety, care and kindness that can be used as a resource in self care and in regulating our emotional states.

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