• Philip Anthony Carr

Finding the right therapist

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Our need for safety and connection, the Social Engagement System.

'Finding the right therapist is so important, we are all unique and our trauma can leave us struggling to connect, due to our fears, finding that safe connection can help us to "show up "as we truly are and explore the the things that trouble us'

Have you ever met that person who is warm, accepting, supportive, kind, nice to be with. how do we recognise these things, what system comes online in those moments of connection.

Our (Social Engagement System) ; A two way interaction system based mainly in the eyes, ears, larynx and mouth, but incorporating the entire face and the torso above the diaphragm. All of these aspects communicate through the brain and ATNS (autonomic nervous system ) to recognise and express feelings and emotions and drive movement towards or away from an interaction, through a system that also supports eating, smiling, suckling, kissing, baring the teeth, voice, breathing and the heart, "how cool is that"

So recognising and tracking your bodily responses to another person can be very helpful in finding the right fit for you.

Safety in connection....

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