Trauma Healing

Body oriented therapy that works with a persons capacity to heal and move towards health and wellbeing.

In accessing and developing our capacity for mindful connection to our bodies and exploring the adaptations and identifications made in in response to early trauma, we can begin to process the unprocessed traumatic experiences and unlock our capacity for aliveness and vitality.

Are you struggling with symptoms like high anxiety, isolation, stress, depression, difficulties in maintaining relationships and knowing what you need in relation to others, are you negative in your thinking and can you self sabotage your own potential and development, do you struggle to relax and truly listen to your body and what it is telling you, do you find yourself withdrawing and dropping out of connection with yourself and others, do you have times of high emotional arousal and have no way to regulate it, do you have negative views about yourself and constantly judge and compare yourself, if you identify with these symptoms and behaviours then this type of therapy can help you.


Philip Carr

Philip Carr is a Psychotherapist, ( Dip Psychotherapy&counselling ) Reg ; MBACP.

Philip is a practicing developmental trauma therapist and life coach working one to one with both children and adults and delivering mindfulness training and self care seminars to groups and organisations.



One to one therapy working with the mind and body and developing the  trust and connection needed to explore your world.

Online Therapy

Walking Therapy

Telephone Therapy


Group work involving conflict resolution, team building, developing organisational integration and functionality.


Couples therapy a chance to meet in a neutral space, develop trust and understanding and work with your strengths and difficulties.

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